OEC 9800 Plus

OEC 9800 Plus

A Classic Choice

Classic is something of lasting worth with a timeless quality

High quality images from a dependable, flexible C-arm. That’s what more than 11,000 OEC 9800 systems in use world-wide provide in thousands of life-altering procedures each year.

When you need a trusted and proven C-arm to help you power through a case, choose a classic. Choose the OEC 9800 Plus.

Image Quality

The OEC brand is synonymous with high quality surgical images.
OEC systems have a well-deserved reputation for highlighting tiny details and producing the clear, crisp, accurate images clinicians demand.

The 9800 Plus - The Definition of Superb Image Quality

The penetrating power of the 9800 Plus’ 15kW rotating anode X-ray tube, coupled with the tube cooling system and small focal spot, has enabled dense anatomy penetration with ease for many years. The proven design facilitates longer fluoro ontime – so you can obtain a superb image in almost any situation.

OEC technology makes the 9800 Plus a master at compensating for your common imaging challenges.

  • When metal is introduced in the X-ray field, Smart Metal intuitively adjusts brightness and contrast to improve the quality of your images.
  • Smart Window dynamically senses the collimator position and automatically optimizes your image to be clear and precise.
  • During live fluoro, Auto Trak detects the subject anatomy – even if it’s moving - and reduces dark images and burnout while stabilizing the image.


OEC has a long history of dependability and trust.
Outstanding technology leadership and dedicatedemployees across the globe build and maintain only the highest quality 9800 Plus C-arms.

Designed to be the C-arm you depend on - every hour, every day, every year.

  • The 9800 Plus was designed to deliver more consistent uptime with its high performance rotating anode and patented battery buffer technology.
  • Durable 9800 C-arms have withstood the punishment of wheeling, positioning, propping and cleaning for more than 10 years.
  • Every OEC 9800 Plus must pass 20 to 30 hours of testing and a robust 10-step inspection process before it can leave the factory.

When you trust in OEC you get value beyond the hard-work of your C-arm.

  • OEC expert Service and Applications professionals can help you maximize your system’s uptime through world-class professional training and fast accurate service.
  • OEC products typically retain two to four times the residual value of competitive products on the market.

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With a reputation for simplicity and quality, OEC features and functions have been defining easy C-arm operation for more than 10 years.

  • With point-and-shoot technology you align the anatomy then shoot your image. Other C-arms require manual adjustments prior to shooting.
  • 3-clicks to obtain your image! Intuitive, familiar software makes obtaining an accurate image simple and quick.
  • Dual-side C-arm controls for your convenience. You don’t waste valuable time and energy on walk-arounds when operating the 9800 Plus.
  • The built-in smart features – Smart Metal, Smart Window, Auto Trak - automatically produce sharp images in challenging cases.
  • The compact durable frame provides free space and C-arm depth for unobstructed imaging and patient access.
  • The locks, levers and buttons, along with counterbalance and friction controls, are quality features that make precise C-arm operation simple for years to come.
  • NewView flat screen monitor brings ergonomic comfort, a clear image and the consistency you prefer.

OEC systems have been used during hands-on education of Radiology Technologists for many years. Trust the classically simple system which has helped train so many professionals.


A fixture in many ER, OR, ICU, Pain Management and Outpatient settings, the 9800 is your multi-purpose workhorse.

The proven 9800 Plus helps you power through cases from simple orthopedic to complex vascular surgical procedures.

  • Use in a variety of cases. The 9800 Plus produces superb quality images with ease in Orthopedic, General, Pain Management, Spine and even Peripheral Vascular procedures.
  • Pick the “C” you want. Choose the best C-arm configuration - 9”, 12” or Super C – that will meet your specific clinical needs.
  • Precise positioning. Only OEC’s SmartView pivot joint, allows the C-arm to move freely off axis and into the precise angle you need even in tight spaces. The Super C offers 55 degrees overscan to achieve those steep angle images.